Makeup bag revamp...Let's have a sort out!


Do you look at your skincare, makeup, brushes and tools and don't know what to keep or throw away?

Then a makeup bag revamp is perfect for you... Using years of knowledge, there's not many products or formulations that I don't know...

I also work with new products just on the market, so I`m up-to-date with what's new out there...

I love makeup bag revamps ... it's like reading the tea leaves...

Your makeup tells me so much about you and is quite funny if there is a group of you to see what's in your bag (sometimes draw full's), but seriously, there are thousands of pounds worth of products that are wasted when you see a great TV advert and rush out to buy it.... then wonder why it does not work for you. Or your Auntie keeps buying you those makeup pallets that leave you in a spin, not sure what colour to use!

Or if you don't know what to purchase, then my personal shopping experience will be perfect for you.

If I can't show you how to use a product (and it's not ready for the bin!) I have lots of suggestions on how you can use it...For example, that sparkle glitter eye shadow you purchased for a special event and be crushed and dusted all over your body to create a beautiful sheen on your skin.

If you want more time learning how to apply your makeup, I would suggest a makeup lesson.

Makeup bag revamps are very popular with my clients and have become a regular event to have every year... Perfect for a girl's get together... Order the pizza, open the wine and have lots of fun.

You might like to have an event on your own or with 3 other friends. So please have a few dates and drop me a line I work weekdays and weekends day time and evenings too!

All I ask is that you bring EVERYTHING !! You will regret it if you don't ... there is nothing that I can not help you with.

Why not book in now on my online diary.

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