27 May 2021, 00:21
Need help looking for the right products? Just don't feel comfortable visiting the shops... Then relax, EstherMarie will be with you.
25 May 2021, 20:47
Teenager years are such a great time to experiment with makeup; getting it right now will benefit you for many years to come.
25 May 2021, 20:09
Have you a draw of items purchased that you have never used? Fed up of not knowing what products you should keep or throw away?
25 May 2021, 19:51
My clients asked if an event would suit their younger daughters as the pressures of wearing makeup were felt.  I created EstherMarie Mini Makeup to deliver a positive Beauty Mindset to give confidence and self-esteem and deliver a message that beauty is what you make it.
20 May 2021, 15:54
Taking time for you is exactly what my EstherMarie More Than Makeup Programme is all about ... Find out what I have learnt over Mental Health Week.
29 Apr 2021, 12:19
On this page you will find the latest information on EstherMarie services and how they are changed to to comply with goverment guidelines. They are there to keep us all safe.
6 Mar 2021, 17:32
We have created a beautiful gift to celebrate Mothers Day
28 Jan 2021, 11:17
Once you have purchased your compact, every time you reorder you just need the refill. This is great for your pocket and the planet too. Here is how to remove the old and pop in the new one.
28 Jan 2021, 10:32
The products you choose are essential, so I attend all the latest product launches, fashion catwalks and work with the key industry contacts to handpick for you the very best items you can buy. I even have my own range of products!
1 Dec 2020, 00:23
Wonderful to be recognised for my services to the Wedding Industry. Winning the title of the most popular wedding makeup artist worldwide was such a joy.. "It's taken years to build up my clients and knowledge."
30 Apr 2020, 18:56
It’s true to say having worked all over the world as a makeup educator for the last 3 decades I have a lot of secrets. Most I share with my clients … but this one right up there at the top. It will probably shock you when you see the photos of my skin .. sore red and just not the EstherMarie you see today.
26 Apr 2020, 02:24
Having over 3 decades in the Skincare Makeup Cosmetics and Fragrance world I know a fair bit about products. But I had no idea what I had created and when I use the word 'HERO' to describe my oils I really do mean it. When you have sore, red, blotchy skin not only does it effect your confidence but your self esteem. You don't want to look in the mirror, you don't want to go out. I know that because I have been there.
28 Mar 2020, 23:15
Delighted to team up with Louise from Simply Changing to share ideas and support during our time at home. Reaching out to everyone using video and live sharing to share my passion on how a few moments a day can really change the way you feel.
18 Mar 2020, 21:20
If you can not get to the EstherMarie Studio or attend an event help is at hand. For product advice there has never been a more convient way than a Video or Telephone Call. All you have to do it book your slot.
24 Sep 2019, 22:40
I've seen over ten thousand makeup bags from freezer bags to suitcases... bringing all your products both new and old forms the foundation to a successful makeup lesson or workshop. See the photos of clients where I have tested their existing foundations be prepared to be shocked!
2 Aug 2018, 09:43
It’s hailed as a non-invasive alternative to Botox and surgery, with Meghan Markle reportedly a huge fan, but how exactly do anti-ageing facial exercises help banish fine lines, sagging and wrinkles?
2 Aug 2018, 09:36
Did you used to watch me on weddingTV Style on a budget here is a clip from 2016 check out the big hair!