I'm always asked, "How long will my makeup trial take, and do I need to bring anything?

During a trial, you will need to explain what you want as well as having the makeup applied. Having over 3 decades of knowledge and experience, I understand that a little planning can help you achieve the look you love how long your trial will take.

Simply turning up with "do what you think your the expert" will not achieve the look you want. Hence, it would be best if you did a little homework. To help you, I have listed 4 POINTS below that every client having a trial will need to do to remove the stress and get the perfect look you want. Check out Hayley and her bridesmaids with her comments in the photos below.

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Please forward the link to this page or copy and paste the information below if you are the group booker. 

  1. COME WEARING YOUR CURRENT MAKEUP. It is ESSENTIAL that everyone comes to all makeup trials with their makeup ON. This will show how you apply your own makeup, your level of knowledge, how comfortable you feel, how much you wear, how natural or heavy you like your makeup. This takes all the pressure off having to explain. Also, descriptions of makeup applications differ and will ensure we start with the right approach.​​​​​​ Typical examples are eyeliner, brow shape, and blusher; there are thousands of ways to apply.
  2. BRING ALL YOUR CURRENT MAKEUP. It might seem a strange ask, and I must add it's not to judge you ... but it takes me 30 seconds to see the type of coverage, shades and textures you are used to by bringing it rather than explaining it. I had clients before taking 30 minutes explaining shades and textures they like, leaving very little time to try looks during the trial. An example is lip shades ... what you see as 'rose pink' is different to me, so it's just far easier to bring it with you. Also, I'm very happy to use your favourite products if you would prefer that too.
  3. GET SAVING PHOTOS. Be prepared to explain how you would like your makeup or how you would NOT like your makeup is sometimes easier. Photos are perfect for this, so start taking screenshots on your phone of yourself or someone else where you like the look, so you are ready. A good tip is to find someone who looks like you both in age, hair colour: skin, tone. 
  4. BRING SHOES, SWATCHES, and SAMPLES. Anything you have will help us choose the shades to create your perfect look. The physical products are so much clearer than a photo, as the exact shades can be picked up. So ask your dress shop for a swatch, the florist for a sample and if you have your tiara or shoes perfect too. Some things I know are too precious to bring, or you might not have them, so a little advice from me is to take photos of everything about your wedding and create a folder (digital or physical). Not only is this a great way to help communicate with your suppliers it's also a fabulous memory that you can keep.


  • How many are in your group?
  • Do you know what you want to look like?
  • Do you know what you do not want to look like?
  • Would you like everyone to look the same?
  • What will influence the look .. outfit shade, jewellery, flowers, hats, is there a theme?
  • What products, textures, and tones do you normally wear?
  • Have you got any allergies or sensitive skin?

DO I NEED TO PURCHASE PRODUCTS BEFORE? If you find a product that you would like to use at your makeup trial, please bring it ... but it might be worth you waiting till after your trial to see what shades we use before you go on a big shopping trip. I have full collections of every makeup product you can think of .. and I also do personal blending, so we get the perfect shade.

So finally, HOW LONG DOES A TRIAL TAKE? I can do a full makeover in 30 minutes, but I always book out an hour for each client, allowing 15 minutes of consultation and 45 minutes of applying. For weddings, I add extra time for the bride.

I hope the information will help you. Just remember to follow my 4 points above. You will be stress-free, enjoy the whole experience and get the look you want.

Looking forward to seeing you very soon.

PS If you still have not booked your makeup trial, here is the link. If you are looking for a makeover or special occasion, click here to book your trial or for weddings, click here to book (the time will be extended depending on how many in your group)

After Care All Makeup Services:

  1. Remove makeup using a cleanser or an EstherMarie cleaning cloth can be purchased on the day £5.
  2. Apply moisturiser to suit.