Having over 3 decades in the Skincare Makeup Cosmetics and Fragrance world I know a fair bit about products. But I had no idea what I had created and when I use the word 'HERO' to describe my oils I really do mean it.

When you have sore, red, blotchy skin not only does it affect your confidence but your self-esteem too.

You don't want to look in the mirror, you don't want to go out. I know that because I have been there.

When I was about 35 my skin changed, no matter what I used my skin just got worse. I was at the height of my career in the glamorous world of Skincare Makeup Cosmetics and Fragrance I was now travelling all over the world educating brands and Makeup Artists but little did they know how I really felt.

I decided to read up about what products did for your skin and worked out what was irritating my skin. There was no product on the market to solve my problem so used all the professional knowledge I had and my own skin to test out many formulas.

The product needed to be kind to me and the animals as I am VEGAN so all my EstherMarie brand is too.

I did not notice at first my skin was getting better, in-fact I had forgotten about it because the pain and redness had gone away. I searched photos and I found two that were taken at the same location several years before and after..

I was amazed at the difference. Check out the photos of my skin when it was really bad here.

 If you want to get a little bottle of this 'magic oil' here is a link to my online shop I post it out free of charge.

TREATMENT OIL 1 https://esthermarie.co.uk/shop/en/ski... 

TREATMENT OIL 2 https://esthermarie.co.uk/shop/en/all...

TREATMENT OIL 4 https://esthermarie.co.uk/shop/en/all... 

With Love from my skin to yours EstherMarie x

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