+ an exceptional skincare bonus from me! YOU SERIOUSLY NEED TO DO THIS...

I have just got off the live call with Suzanne; watch it now, and I am buzzing with excitement ... I never expected her to give you her course for the same (VIP) price I paid with all the bonuses...

Then I had a crazy moment and added my SKINCARE SOLUTIONS Programme (worth £150 worth of products and training, including 3 full-size skincare products) when you sign up before Sunday 3rd October 2021 (Uk time) 
Just look what you get below  ... This is an exclusive offer that Suzanne and I have put together; you can not get this offer anywhere else.


Look Good Feel Great with EstherMarie and Suzanne

  • Suzanne's signature programme, Blood Sugar Revolution Course will be delivered live on group zoom calls once a week for 8 weeks – valued at £90 per session – you’ll have 8 sessions – Total value = £720 (All the sessions will be recorded, and will be available to you for life so if you miss a session, you can always watch it later)
  • A dedicated Facebook group for the duration of the course – It’s been proven that people lose more weight when they do a programme with the support of others – Valued at £250 (It’s also the place to go if you want to ask me questions between the zoom calls. If you hate Facebook, it’s not compulsory, but it’s there if you want it.
  • Bonus session with Bernadette Ross, our weight loss hypnotherapist – value = £60
  • Bonus session with Lindsay Randerson – our sleep expert – value = £60
  • Feeling good in your clothes – value = £Priceless.
  •  Never have to go on a diet again – value = £Priceless.
  • Avoiding the mid-afternoon energy slump EVERY day – value = £Priceless.
  • Preventing some of the main causes of heart disease, diabetes and other cardiovascular illness – Value = £priceless
  • EstherMarie Skincare Solutions programme .. Unlock the secrets of your own skin including 3 full-sized skincare treatment oils - Value = £150

Total value = (well over) £1,240 you pay just £349*; sign me up now to get this exclusive offer that includes 3 full-sized skincare products and Skincare Solutions programme. (UK delivery address only*)

If you feel the same as me, listen to my live chat with Suzanne Wright, a Nutrition Coach with a background in Human Chemistry.

It has taken me years to find, but on the 18th of October, I'm about to completely change what I eat and how I think about food. Let's do it together.

I love Suzanne's work as it perfectly dovetails into my Beauty Mindset ... "to feel and look good inside and out."

Many of my clients book my makeup services for Special Occasions, Weddings, or they need a Revamp ... Suzanne, and I have helped hundreds of clients get the FEEL GOOD FACTOR back .. and I can not wait to work with her more, both personally and professionally.

The reason why we work so well together is that we truly understand that everyone is unique. We take time to find out what you want to achieve, your mindset and your beliefs. We never say you have to change; we give you lifelong knowledge to make those choices and adapt them over time. The simple fact is you need to know a bit more about your body chemistry. That's what we start with as professionals and how you will obtain the results you have always wanted for controlling your weight and embracing your beauty.

For me, my fitness suffered when I crushed my leg three years ago. I went from a very active person to constantly doing risk assessments... I might fall again? .. How can I do that now with pins and screws in my leg?

I DON'T want to count calories, denying myself food when I'm hungry, take expensive supplements, live on soups & shakes, and I don't have time to attend weekly classes or do high levels of intense exercise.

But I DO like finding easy ways to positively impact MY health that work around my lifestyle (and still, eat chocolate!)

It's crazy how the weight creeps up on you... A stone in a year, how did that happen.

There are guidelines about what SHOULD work for the average person, but WHO'S AVERAGE ... we are all so different. That's why Suzanne's course is so different.

I dip into diets tried the low carb, high fibre, calorie counting, and many more.

I don't eat meat, and my body does not tolerate milk, and I'm bloated when I eat bread, so where is the secret formula I asked ...

I'm constantly hearing from my friends and clients how much weight they have put on .. is it an age thing or an attitude thing?

I'm going to opt for an attitude thing, but that's all about to change... because from what I have read and seen so far of Suzanne's work; I feel confident and motivated that I will truly be able to achieve this...

It's nothing like I have tried before ... It's all about your body chemistry because we are all different... 

From gut health to a better nights sleep, it will all fall into place.

Would you like to learn how to understand YOUR body's chemistry to lose weight? Check this out

Then join me, let do it together; the deadline is midnight Sunday 3rd October.
Let's get started here.