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Mini Makeup Artist & Princess Pamper Parties

Mpamper.jpgy clients were asking if there was an event that would suit their teenage daughters as the pressures of wearing makeup were been felt.

Constant influences of the press and media meant that makeup could be overused and skincare missed completely.

I strongly believe makeup when used correctly in an age-appropriate way has a wonderful place giving confidence and a positive experience.

Attending a Teenage Beauty or Mini Makeup Parties will ensure a positive makeup image is put across and skills are learnt that will last a lifetime.

Teenage Beauty parties can be seen as a fun lesson knowing the knowledge learnt will be used for the rest of their life, promoting confidence and self-esteem.

Working as a group girls develop a close bond and naturally share complimentary comments with each other and build closer relationships.

These Inspiring Parties are "very hands-on" and can be tailored to your particular needs it could be a girls night in, afternoon party or in preparation for a prom or special event.  So if you're interested we would need to have a chat on the phone or by email to create your perfect party.

Here are a few guides and idea's to get you started.....

Teenage Pampering and Skincare Parties (Suits Ages 11-17 years) (approx. 2-3 hours)

Relax having a foot soak, face pack and hand treatment. Girls love having fun learning the art of how to pamper and care for their skin.

The session starts with a full practical lesson on the 5 key steps of facial skincare and time is taken on how important it is to be gentile on teenage skin.

Face packs are applied and feet get a relaxing foot bath. The girls then become mini 'therapists' practising hand and foot massages on each other. .. Always involves lots of laughing and for sure pampering sessions will continue to be something they do on a regular basis.


Teenage Skincare and Makeup Parties (Suits Ages 11-17 years) (approx. 2-3 hours)

Depending on the age of the group the techniques, products and colours will be demonstrated on a 'less is more approach'.

Using my knowledge of the fashion and beauty industry Magazines will be provided and used to discuss when a look is appropriate or not. For example – Party/Prom look – Interview look – School look – Up to date Fashion Look....   are all very different.

Time is taken to make the girls aware of how important it is to achieve the desired look and when it should and should not be used. (Parents are welcome and are normally very happy to add any concerns they may have so that I can cover at this stage)

The practical session starts with the 5 key steps of skincare and time is taken on how important it is to be gentile on teenage skin. Learning how to promote your best features and cover up imperfections the girls start by working in pairs and are shown how to test for the correct foundation shade.

Then each makeup step is demonstrated by me as the girls follow my every step. The girls can be rotated so they all get chance to sit on my Make Up Artists stool, or you may decide for the hostess/Birthday girl to stay on the stool... so she gets all the attention and her makeup done for her.

Check out what Rebecca though when I interviewed her 

Mini Make-Up / Princess Pamper Parties (suits ages 7-10 years approx.)

pamper2.jpgYoung girls can't wait to get their hands on makeup and anything that sparkles... Each girl will have sparkling nails painted & sparkling make up applied in soft gold's & pinks by a professional Makeup Artist, to create a natural and fun image to suit younger skins.  To sit on a makeup artists stool and wear a gown ...It's a Girlie dream!!.  A great event to have and the girls get very excited when they know a Makeup Artist is on their way to see them!!  I use high quality and hypo-allergenic products. 

Bubbling foot spas, fluffy dressing gowns, slippers and magazines all create an exciting environment with all the atmosphere of a pampering spa. A great way to have fun with your friends or celebrate your birthday.


Applies to all events on this page

The Location of your event could be a private party at your home or join a group session at a youth club, hotel, photographic studio or they love coming to my Makeup Studio in Ashbourne..

How many can a Party be for and how long do they last?
Each party lasts between 2-3 hours, most bookings are between 4-10 girls. More than 10 Girls would need more time.

What's needed by you?
At a home venue, a table such as a dining table is needed with a chair for each girl to relax in. Access to a plug. Towels for the foot spas. Don't forget your camera to capture the before or after shots! and music to give the atmosphere you want. Food can be served during the event too.

What’s provided by EstherMarie to create your bespoke event?
Makeup directors chairs, makeup capes, towelling robes, slippers, hand and foot cream, 100+ nail polishes, face packs and full skincare kit,, full professional makeup kit, tissues cotton wool and makeup brushes, makeup mirrors, Consultation sheets and clipboards hair grooming products including glitter spray, perfume, foot spas.

Can you supply goodie bags & table decorations?
Yes, goodie bags can be prepared and ordered 1 week in advance. A suggestion is they would contain a mini skincare, eyeshadow, lip gloss, brush and Makeup Bag to a set of makeup brushes & case....cost per bag £5-£15 per girl.

What’s the cost per attendee?
Cost per guest is £15.
There is a min cost of £60 for each event taken in advance as the booking fee to hold the date.
Any extra charges are paid in cash on the day. Or by bank transfer in time to clear.

The millage will be charged at 40p per mile from the Ashbourne Studio

All our consultants are fully insured and references are available...

What to do next?
To start an enquiry contact me by completing this form with your details and I will get back to you with the best party for you.