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Eyeshadows - Texture or Colour ?

Feb 22, 2017

When looking for your next eyeshadow its important to understand TEXTURE is more important than the COLOUR.!

Here is a snap shot of some of the eyeshadows from EstherMarie to help you understand. If you would like more information or would like to order they come as singles that can be used on their own or create your own set offering amazing flexibility all for £5.70 each.

Duochrome eyeshadows EstherMarie.png

Eyeshadow #Duochrome
Powder eyeshadows in iridescent duocrome colours  duochrome eyeshadows change colour depending on the angle of the light and adhere perfectly to the eyelid. The shades have a high colour brilliance and are soft and tender to apply. 

Glamour eyeshadows EstherMarie.png

Eyeshadow #Glamour

Powder eyeshadow with glitter particles: Extremely fine glitter particles reflect the light and conjure an incomparable display of colours with shimmering effects on the eyelid. A special eye-catcher for every occasion. The eyeshadows in high colour brilliance are supple and soft in application.

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 19.10.52.png

Eyeshadow #Matt
Powder eyeshadows in matt, natural colours: Thanks to their new, particularly smooth and silky quality, the matt colours adhere perfectly to the eyelid and can be applied especially even. The brown shades are ideally suited for the accentuation of the eyebrows.

Pearl eyeshadows EstherMarie.png
Eyeshadow #Pearl
Powder eyeshadows in shimmery pearl shades: Pearl eyeshadows are characterised by an amazing colour brilliance and a wide choice of shades. The fragrance-free eyeshadows are very long-lasting.

Glam stars eyeshadows EstherMarie.png

Eyeshadow #GlamStars 
Eyeshadow Powder eyeshadows that are silky soft eye colour with a metallic shine. Infused with sparkling Mineral Mica and Pulverised Minerals, Glam Stars Eyeshadow glides onto eyes like silk and delivers iridescent colours that let the eyes shine in a noble shimmer. The luxurious Mica formulation lets light colours shine and intensifies the coverage of darker shades for mesmerising results.

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