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EstherMarie Lessons

Apr 11, 2016

The main point of having a makeup lesson is building knowledge and skills to create the look you want to achieve.

During the lesson we will complete a step by step makeup plan for you to follow and you can always contact me after your lesson for recaps and advice when you need it.

An average lesson is 3 hours and can be as interactive as you like, sit and just watch or follow my leader and get involved.

I  have set lessons/workshops or on a bespoke basis. The location can be at your home or at my studio.

The list of subjects to cover is endless but the most popular are... 10 years younger, glamour makeup, how to make your makeup last, Eye brow definition, the 'no makeup look', false eyelashes, how to choose the correct colours, cover-up makeup, wedding ideas, teenager & prom.

Allergies and skin disorders are on the increase so the best lesson to start with is skincare solutions.


Some clients like to have a few lesson or happy with one. You can have a lesson on your own or as a small group if you want a bit of fun or are on a budget. 

Before your lesson everyone attending would complete a fact finding form. From this and talking to you I would assess your level of knowledge that is needed and key areas that you want to cover. Its normal to find out from attending a lesson things that you did not think were important now become a big part of your makeup routine.

The idea of the lesson is to learn skills and how to purchase the correct products for you, so I strongly suggest that items are not purchased before the event there is nothing worse than when you show me a load of unopened products and I get asked how to use them. If they are incorrect for the look that is required you might have to give a few items away as presents....

If you have a draw full of unused products I would suggest a Makeup Bag revamp. its great fun especially with a small group of friends. The idea is you bring all your makeup and we work out what products you should keep or throw! once sorted we create the look using your newly organised makeup.

In my 'tool kit' I use a wide range of handpicked products to create each individual look. I use only top quality products that are used at the National TV Awards and the British Soap Awards so you are defiantly getting the very best. If you are sensitive I work with range of products created by a Consultant Dermatologist that are very ethical and have amazing calming and Anti-Ageing effects.

If there are items that you don't have I will use mine and should you choose to purchase they will be available to you at the event and in the future.

I have all the mirrors brushes tissues cotton wool etc that is need.. Even my makeup stool!

The next step is to decide a date and if you would like to have a lesson on your own or with a group of frends.

Contact me for more information... let me know what you want to achieve and I will let you know the best lesson for you.

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